Fresh Air

What we need is a deserved change in life, maybe it’s better I call it a new start. All emotions for today should be lived at the moment, If not they would be tomorrow, the yesterday scurf.


Bye Bye black bird

The movie about a gangester who fall in love,  a great impression on me. I suggest just follow this movie , “public enemies”. I’m poor in english, if not I have lots of  talk with you, my friends.

feeling strange

Today I was watching a movie with name “Bridge to Terabithia” which made me thinking about a post for blog, why , I don’t know.
Just start my post by this I always feel spescial while I’m watching this kind of movie specially in the cases which the plot and story of movie is about youth  and with emphasis on their life. A gril from city, with highly educated parents and really rich ( showen for times specially in their expensive home ) and in contract a boy from country sections and with parents who just care about the works and mostly about boy’s sisters. Dying of girl cause a huge sadness for me but the boy’s father solve this very good; by this:   
You should keep the way , and happiness when you were with each other and this is what the girl want you.
depleting myself by this post, I wish it happens.

A tricky way but efficient

Oh studying for exam is most hateful feel I ever have and also had.
But being successful in exam is essential to get my degree so one effective tricky way which I apply on myself is forgetting the exam date and I treat in a way I have no exam and I just study to learn more and more. It mostly is right and works for me but sometimes I realize I cheat myself, but it’s the only good way I know !!
Any suggestion by my dear imaginary friends?

need u

I always used to write my notes in Farsi. But now I decide to write this one in English. After some days which I haven’t written even one letter, I decide to write today. It’s necessary to mention that I had some distress and depression until some months ago. In summer I reached to it’s apex. I was full of anxiety and confusing, I was wanting some wishes which I couldn’t reach them exactly in those days. But I like children just want them. I study physics in university and always exist a strong tendency toward success inside of me. But I couldn’t reach them. At least I must wait for some months maybe 9 months to prepare for university admissions. But now I just must live and with lots of distress and depression it’s impossible. So I decided to reduce my confusion to minimum by some methods. I started to study Osho books about the world ,human and everything which I think it could be effective for improving my distress. But surely everything depended on me. I have been very better than now. But now I think I lose my quietness and don’t know do what exactly. I don’t have special place for meditation and this annoy me much than always. Always I insist on my family “please allow me to rent a home alone” , but they refuse it maybe they fear something bad event will happen for me. What’s the worst than lack of meditation, the lack of quietness, the lack of confident ?
But they just think about my future in own way. I don’t like this. But I have not any independent in financial case. If I have definitely I choose a home for myself. But when I remember the dormitory days, I have this sense. Maybe this sense is out of my milieu, maybe if I be alone, I will have these distresses too. The thing I need is loneliness.